DH Cubed – Frequently Asked Questions


I don’t understand something in a training module despite reviewing it several times, can someone help me?

A: Absolutely! We’re here to help you be successful, please reach out to us on our support page and we’d be happy happy to work one on one with you!

I did not receive my CE credits when completing a course. Help!

A: No problem, you can either contact us at CESupport@dhcubed.com or reach us on Twitter @Dhcubed for faster support.

Can I sterilize my OneTen device?

A: No – full sterilization (Sterilizer, autoclave, cold solution, milk bath, etc) will damage your OneTen! Only disinfect your OneTen by wiping it down between patients. The device is made to tolerate wiping, but do not saturate the surface.

Do I throw my sticky tack away after each use?

A: Nope! The blue tack is intended to be reused over and over. When you remove the stone from the OneTen, if the blue tack stays on the stone just transfer it back to the OneTen. Be sure to do this with clean/sterile gloves! Also, if you need you can purchase more sticky tack on our web store.

How do I know if my OneTen is charged/charging?

A: Your OneTen will show a red light when charging, this light will go off when it’s charge is completed.

I can’t get my lights to stay on! Is my device broken?

A: Maintaining a 110 degree angle when sharpening is hard, the OneTen device will help you build the muscle memory to do this correctly and it takes time! Continue to practice if you’re having troubles. Of course, if you feel your device is defective; please visit our support page, we’re here to help!

How do I calibrate my OneTen?

A: Your OneTen device will auto calibrate itself when turning on. No need to worry about any manual calibration.

When will more training modules be available?

A: We’re currently working on both the Gracey Curettes and Sickle scaler sharpening modules. We will have more updates to this in the fall.

Have a question you don’t see?

A: Please reach out to us on our Support page, we are happy to help!